Colorado Lawmakers Request Sandy Aid

Pascrell and LoBiondo
Challenge Hypocrisy of Colleagues

Congressman Bill PascrellOn October 2, 2013, the Star-Ledger featured an article, “N.J. Congressmen Slam Colorado’s ‘Hypocrisy Caucus’ for Seeking Sandy Aid.

It reports that the six Republican Colorado congressmen who voted against the $50 billion Sandy relief package are now requesting funding to help with the flood recovery in their state.

Showing bi-partisan concern, Congressmen Bill Pascrell (D-9th) and Frank LoBiondo (R-2nd) expressed concern over the hypocrisy in the request from Colorado’s delegation.

The funding for the Sandy package was delayed for over two months and lawmakers had to agree that some of the money would go to other states with disaster.

In April, Pascrell and LoBiondo also showed bipartisan support of colleagues from New Jersey, New York and Connecticut to call for the quick passage of legislation to provide tax relief to struggling families and businesses recovering from Sandy including an increase in LIHTC.

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