NJ Supreme Court Shows Spine on Affordable Housing

Governor’s Next Steps
Remain Unknown

NJ Supreme Court Shows Spine on Affordable HousingOn September 29, 2013, The Star-Ledger ran an editorial, “Supreme Court Shows Spine on Affordable Housing.”

The New Jersey Supreme Court’s latest ruling shows that the Court will not end to the Governor’s attacks on affordable housing in the state. The decision orders the governor to revamp the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH.) He has five months to do this.

Quoting from the editorial on Governor Christie’s attitude towards affordable housing,

“Christie has been consistently hostile to this. He tried to kill COAH outright with an executive order, but the courts stopped him. He also tried to raid $164 million from a fund earmarked for affordable housing programs, but the court stopped him again. We will see soon if his contempt runs deep enough to defy the court.

Our hope is he takes the opportunity to streamline and improve the program, because the Mount Laurel rulings have resulted in the construction of an estimated 60,000 modest homes — a tangible accomplishment but one that doesn’t come close to meeting the need.”

We concur. Now is the time to ensure that Mt. Laurel doctrine is fully implemented so that everyone has a place to call home.

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