LIHTC Success and Challenges

Highlighted in Expert Commentaries

LIHTC Success and ChallengesTo mark the 27th anniversary of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), the Bipartisan Policy Center Housing Commission has published 13 commentaries highlighting the federal program’s success factors and lessons learned.

The commentaries detail the LIHTC program’s successes in:

  • Stimulating affordable housing production and preservation,
  • Fostering private-public partnerships, and
  • Strengthening many communities.

According to Ali Solis, Enterprise Community Partners’ senior vice president, specifically, the LIHTC has helped to:

  • Produce approximately 2.6 million affordable housing units,
  • Leverage more than $100 billion in private sector capital, and
  • Create more than 3.6 million jobs.

Despite its successes, the LIHTC program has faced numerous challenges during its 27-year history. Perhaps most notably, the program has not provided sufficient support to meet the needs of the very poor, including households with special needs.

Additional commentaries include recommendations for strengthening the program

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