Shutdown Strains HUD Staff

Agency and Staff Are Critical
To Ending Homelessness

Chris EstesIn an October 24, 2013 post, “Shutdown Put Strain on HUD Staff When We Need Them More Than Ever,” on the National Housing Conference’s (NHC) Open House Blog, NHC Executive Director Chris Estes writes about the strain that the recent shutdown placed on an already beleaguered HUD and its staff.

And he makes the case for working with HUD staff, as they work their way out of the shutdown.

Writes Estes,

“How we work with them can go a long way towards getting the kind of HUD we want versus the one where everyone leaves.”

He paints a picture of life at HUD.

“To endure continuous underfunding while trying to improve HUD’s work is a daunting and draining effort. Yet their work is vital more than ever as developers, community organizations and local governments work to respond to the increasing need for quality affordable homes and community investment. Imagine on top of that difficult challenge having most of your co-workers sent home for several weeks because some in Congress cannot agree for political reasons, or see the value of what you do for our country.

This is important to keep in mind as further shutdowns and another round of cuts that will once again affect HUD loom at the start of 2014.

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