HUD, VA Publish Research on Homelessness

American Journal on Public Health
October Issue With Homeless Focus

HUD, VA Publish Research on HomelessnessNew research published on October 22, 2013 in a supplemental issue of the American Journal of Public Health unveils the latest in public health efforts and progress addressing homelessness.

The themed issue includes embargoed research, commentaries, and briefs that:

  • Discuss homelessness and public health,
  • Monitor trends in homelessness, and
  • Investigate potential mitigating factors associated with homelessness.

Included in the research is a study of the mortality rates amongst homeless populations in the past five years in New York City, studies regarding the management and mismanagement on elderly Veterans, as well as recent Iraqi Veterans, universal screening processes for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness in the Veterans Health Administration, and several others.

In addition, there is an article addressing health care’s impact on the nation’s population experiencing homelessness and another that questions what must happen after homelessness ends.

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