Sequester Threatens Ending Homelessness Progress

Sequestration Must End

Sequester Threatens Ending Homelessness Progress In a recent post on the National Housing Conference (NHC) Open House Blog, NHC’s Liza Getsinger writes that “Sequestration Cuts Threaten to Undo Gains in Ending Homelessness.”

Homelessness has been declining steadily since 2007, decreasing by 9%, and veterans homelessness has seen a 24% decrease since 2010. The federal government has made a very focuses effort to end homelessness

But, writes Getsinger,

“Continued year-over-year cuts to valuable housing programs risk undoing the positive gains we are making. If we are serious as a nation about ending homelessness we must support the full spectrum of housing programs, programs designed not only to re-house those who have become homeless, but to prevent homelessness altogether … As need rises it is critical to continue to provide strong funding for HUD programs that help individuals and families avoid homelessness. Otherwise, we risk undoing years of positive gains.”

Continued decreases in federal funding would cause municipalities that have seen success in implementing innovative programs to end homelessness to make tough decisions and possibly a halt in their progress.

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