Benefits of Affordable Homes

Refuting Governor’s Efforts to Roll Back Mandate

Benefits of Affordable HomesA recent Star-Ledger opinion piece, “Study Shows the Benefits of Affordable Housing,” highlights a recent Princeton University studies that showed that the creation of affordable housing in Mount Laurel, New Jersey only benefitted the community and the development’s tenants.

“Authored by the distinguished Princeton University sociologist Douglas Massey and a team of associates, ‘Climbing Mount Laurel’ lays to rest the myths that the governor has built upon to stir support for his effort to roll back the affordable housing mandate from the courts.”

The children who were enrolled in better schools performed better academically, crime did not increase and property values did not decrease.

“Massey and his colleagues conclude that the positive effects of moving from poverty to sites of greater opportunity make the Ethel R. Lawrence Homes ‘a model for promoting greater integration and a pathway out of poverty for disadvantaged minority families throughout the United States.’ That’s an endorsement that should appeal to everyone, regardless of politics or party.”

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