Salt Lake City Eradicates Veterans Homelessness

Joins Phoenix and Focuses on Chronic Population

Salt Lake City Eradicates Veterans HomelessnessSalt Lake City joins Phoenix as the second city in the country to end chronic veteran homelessness.

As Bryce Covert from Think Progress reports, that this victory shows that it is possible to end homelessness for specific populations.

With a focus on housing, the city has narrowed down its homeless veteran population to only eight individuals, who indicate they are not interested in housing but, who they continue to work with on housing.

In an interview, Mayor Ralph Becker (D) told MSNBC that he attributed the city’s success to two things

“that it took the whole community — state and local government, nonprofits and for-profit companies — to ‘come together and work together in an unusually collaborative way’ and be ‘singularly focused on ending homelessness.’ While there can never be enough resources, he said that every sector did offer them up.” And that ‘the city also, like Phoenix, decided to focus on chronic homelessness first, as that would be ‘key’ to the project of ending it overall, he said.”

As we prepare for New Jersey’s annual Point in Time Count of the homeless, can we think about how to use the date that will come out of the count to focus our resources on having an impact on the most chronic populations of the homeless?

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