New Legislative Session Brings End to Old Business

Bills of Interest Governor Did Not Sign into Law

New Legislative Session Brings End to Old BusinessThe Housing and Community Network of New Jersey (HCDNNJ) has shared this update on the end of the two-year legislative session highlighting the bills of interest to affordable housing advocates that were not signed into law.

The bills below are among the forty-four bills the legislature passed that were “pocket vetoed” by Governor Christie.

A pocket veto is the only type of veto where the governor does not return the bill to the legislature for a possible vote to override. A pocket veto only applies to bills passed within the last ten days of a two-year legislative session. The governor, in essence, “pockets” the bills, bringing it back to square one where it may be reintroduced in the next session.

  • A-1570/S-2273 (Wisniewski, Green, Jasey/Norcross) Requires fire suppression systems in new single and two family homes
  • A-1588/S-2081 (Benson, Riley, Ramos/Singer, Greenstein) Requires DCA to establish procedures for inspection and abatement of mold hazards in residential buildings and school facilities, certification programs for mold inspectors and mold hazard abatement workers.
  • A-3103/S-2732 (Ramos, Spencer, Gusciora, DeAngelo, Benson/Gordon, Greenstein) Provides for priority consideration, by DCA, DEP, DOT, and municipalities, of permit applications for green building projects.
  • A-3289/S-2710 (Fuentes, Jimenez, Burzichelli, Mosquera, Sumter/Ruiz, Norcross) The New Jersey Social Innovation Act” establishes social innovation loan pilot program and study commission within EDA. Click here for Monarch’s testimony on the bill.
  • S-134/A-2527 (Rice, Turner/Caputo, Giblin, Tucker, Watson Coleman, Wimberly) Establishes the Office of Dropout Prevention and Reengagement of Out-of-School Youth in DOE, and the Student Dropout Prevention Task Force

The bill the Network advocated for that was signed into law:

  • S-2018/A-3851 (Stack, Lesniak/Coughlin, Eustace, Quijano, Vainieri, Huttle, Giblin), which authorizes award of attorney’s fees and expenses in landlord-tenant actions under certain circumstances.