How To Help the Homeless

Cities and Best Practices to Learn From

Invisible ChildrenAs part of The New York Times, “Fixes” series, David Bornstein wrote a piece, “How to Help the Homeless” for the New York Times opinion piece on January 22, 2014.

Bronstein focuses on opportunities for Mayor de Blasio’s administration to end homelessness on the heels of the five part series that chronicled the life of a homeless girl, Dasani and her family.

He writes,

“Cities are moving away from long-term shelter and focusing, instead, on developing better ways to identify and prioritize vulnerable individuals and families, prevent crises, and rapidly re-house people, using short- or long-term assistance as needed.”

Cities working to truly end homelessness include Jacksonville, FL, Nashville and New Orleans and they are using interventions including permanent supportive housing.

“Homelessness is an extremely adverse childhood experience. ‘If you factor in the reduction of childhood trauma, the savings to society in the long run from prevention is considerable,’ commented Stephen Metraux, associate professor of health policy and public health at University of the Sciences, who worked on the Homebase study.”

Fixes looks at solutions to social problems and why they work.

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