Denver’s Moreno Reflects on His Homelessness

Shelter System Was Part of His Youth

Knowshon MorenoOn January 28, 2014, the local CBS affiliate in Denver featured a segment, “Super Bowl A Happy Homecoming for Knowshon Moreno.”

Moreno, who was in and out of shelters and apartments with his father as a youngster, moved to the town of Belford in New Jersey with his maternal grandmother Mildred McQueen when he was 11. She raised him through his formative years, and did all she could to steer him in a positive direction.

That provided him some stability because as the now NFL star spoke of with the press, he experienced homelessness as a child and moved in and out of the shelter system.

In speaking about that experience, he was quoted as saying,

“It made me into the person that I am today. Just learning from my experiences, going in and out of doing what I was doing, shelters and things like that, that’s part of life. Everyone goes through different things. It’s how you battle back from that and see the positive in all the negative.”

“I think I did a good job of that.”

Moreno reminds us that homelessness is just part of one’s life not the event that defines our lives. We should be judged by the entirety of our lives not by one part.

Thus we need to end homelessness not only because it is the right thing to do but also because we never know what those who may be homeless will contribute to society if they have a place to call home.

We can and must end homelessness!

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