Two Neighboring States, Very Different Places

Different Approaches to
Homes We Can Afford

Staci BergerOn January 23, 2014, the Housing and Community Development Network’s CEO Staci Berger wrote “Two Neighboring States, Very Different Places” for the NJ.Com/NJ Voices Blog.

New York and New Jersey have a lot in common – the states even “shared” hosting the recent Super Bowl. Both states have a very  high cost of living.

But Berger compares one major difference – our governors’ policy positions on affordable housing.

Writes Berger about Governor Cuomo’s recent speech on the state of his state,

“While these speeches don’t often provide specific policy details, I was gratified to hear Governor Cuomo bring up proposals to invest in creating affordable homes, help families who rent, and give those living with special needs more supportive home opportunities.”

And in contrast,

“The silence from Governor Christie about these same issues was deafening. Too many New Jersey residents are finding it increasingly difficult to pay the rent or mortgage. Our foreclosure rate is still one of the highest in the country, and our rental costs are at the top of the charts. New Jersey residents feel the same kind of housing insecurity New Yorkers are dealing with, but our governor said nothing.”

Concludes Berger,

“It’s not too late for Governor Christie to implement policies that invest in affordable homes … New Jerseyans need and want to live in safe, affordable, quality homes in great neighborhoods. We can share great ideas to make that happen, not just in New York, but here too.”

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