NJ Counts 2014 Receives National Coverage in Camden

Homeless and NJ Counts Organizers
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NJ CountsOn February 13, 2014, CNN Money covered the NJ Counts 2014 that took place in Camden, New Jersey from January 28-29, 2014.

Blake Ellis wrote a news story, “Counting the homeless in America’s poorest city” and conducted extensive interviews with 10 individuals who are “Homeless and living in Camden, N.J.

Jordan Malter filmed the point-in-time count “On the street and counting the homeless” and the homeless who live “Braving the cold in Camden’s tent city.”

“Social services agencies across the country already had their federal funding cut by at least 5% last year. That led many organizations in Camden to run out of money by October, says Shantel Garner, a project specialist at Community Planning & Advocacy Council, the nonprofit in charge of organizing Camden’s homeless count.”

The reporters’ extensive coverage captured the personal experience of what it is like to be homeless whether that means living in an emergency shelter or in a tent city. Their stories also made the case for why an accurate count is so critical. The reporters joined Garner on the count on the evening of January 28.

When interviewed about his experience being homeless,

“I pray, I pray, and I think ‘I’m a good guy’ … so sometimes I ask, ‘Why me?”

said 48 year old Kareim Nurdeen.

“You have no idea what it’s like to get up and not knowing where you’re gonna sleep or shower, where you’re gonna’ be safe,”

said 46 year old Meda Bush.

Click here for “Counting the homeless in America’s poorest city”

Click here for “Homeless and living in Camden, N.J. “

These video and news stories remind us of how our brothers and sisters who are un-housed live.

NJ Counts will provide us with the data that can assist us in planning how to end homelessness. However, if we are to achieve our goal we will need the fierce urgency of now to ensure that all of our brothers and sisters have a place to call home.

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