2015 Supportive Housing Budget Campaign

Join Effort to Increase Rental
Capital and Services Funding

2015 Supportive Housing Budget CampaignThe Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey (SHA) has launched a 2015 Budget Campaign for more supportive housing in New Jersey.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by the shortage of affordable and supportive housing in New Jersey, you can help the campaign by sharing your story with state officials and lawmakers and requesting additional funding.

The Campaign is asking these leaders to add resources to the 2015 state budget to create housing stability for people who are homeless or living with developmental disabilities, mental illness, addictions or adult-onset physical disabilities.

The Campaign requests the following funding in the 2015 budget:

  • State rental assistance vouchers – SRAPS (ask for 2,000 new SRAPS at a cost of $20 million from the general fund).
  • Capital dollars for the construction or rehabilitation of affordable homes (ask for $25 million from the New Jersey Affordable Housing Trust Fund and $25 million from the second installment of the Sandy Disaster Relief Fund for a total of $50 million); and
  • Additional funding for supportive housing services for people with disabilities to help them live successfully in communities of their choice.

Monarch Housing has joined other organizations from across the state in partnering with SHA in this advocacy campaign.

Click here to “join” the campaign and for more information.