Ending Youth Homelessness

A Growing Population in Your Community?

Aimee HendriganA recent blog post, “How Does Your Community Work With Youth Who Are Homeless?” by Aimee Hendrigan, Senior Program Officer at the Melville Charitable Trust, poses the following questions:

  • How is Your Community Addressing Youth Homelessness? And
  • Have You Seen This Population Growing in Your Area?

The problem of youth homelessness is often difficult to address and the population is often difficult to count. As Hendrigan writes, “homeless youth are often ‘invisible.’ They strive to look like typical adolescents, and may not appear at first glance to be ‘homeless.’ However, they may be sleeping in parks or on subway trains, or couch surfing in unstable or dangerous settings. They often avoid adult homeless shelters out of fear or the desire to not be identified as homeless.

These are critical questions to consider as we await the results of the NJ Counts 2014 – the state-wide point in the count of the homeless that took place at the end of January. While getting an accurate number around youth homelessness is difficult, getting it is critical to then beginning to pursue solutions.

Hendrigan’s blog post describes the work being funded through the Melville Charitable Trust in Connecticut “to explore solutions to youth homelessness.”

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