Homeless Programs Must be Federal Priority

Prevent Further Funding Cuts
Recover Sequestration Losses

Steve BergThe National Alliance to End Homelessness (the Alliance) used its recent annual Family and Youth Conference in New Orleans as opportunity to update the over 850 attendees on what is happening on the Hill in Washington and to give a Federal Budget Update.

Congress has recently made numerous funding decisions that will have significant implications for homeless assistance programs’ efforts to prevent and homelessness.

In a workshop giving a Federal Budget Update, Andrew Sperling of the National Alliance on Mental illness reminded advocates that,

“Non-defense discretionary (NDD) spending (which includes HUD funding to end homelessness) is still below 2010 levels when you adjust for inflation.” Said Sperling, “In terms of NDD spending, the trend is disturbing. We’re going in the wrong direction.”

He urged workshop attendees to push for an increase in NDD, “None of what we do in DC matters without you.”

The Alliance’s Steve Berg said, “The Murray-Ryan deal undid sequestration a little but there will be big holes in HUD’s budget.” He charged the audience with the following goals for ending homelessness in 2015:

  • Prevent further downsizing of funding and
  • Recover more funding lost to sequestration

Concluded Berg, “Homelessness is a bipartisan issue. It’s up to us to inform our representatives that we can end it.”

Monarch Housing will work with the Alliance to continue to bring you the latest information and action alerts from the Hill.

With such a tight federal budget, programs serving the homeless should be a priority and get a portion of whatever increases happen in the budget! We need to remember that funding decisions are not made by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) but by Congress and continue to reach out to our delegation in Washington.