Stable Homes Improve Health, Reduce Costs

Camden Has Opportunity To
End Chronic Homelessness

Elizabeth BuckElizabeth Buck, Program Manager for Stakeholder Engagement of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, wrote the opinion piece, “Stable Homes Improve Health, Reduce Costs” that appeared in the February 17, 2014 Courier Post.

Buck makes the case for Housing First as the solution to chronic homelessness.

She writes,

“In randomized control trials, Housing First participants spent 80% of their time housed, compared to treatment as normal, where people spent 30% of their
time stably housed.”

And speaking more quantitatively,

“Reducing homelessness is not only humane but fiscally sound social policy. Homeless people generate tremendous costs in expensive emergency systems like hospitals, emergency departments, shelters and jail.”

The Trenton Team has had great success implementing Housing First.

Buck calls on Camden’s leader to end chronic homelessness in the city,

“Through Mayor Dana Redd’s leadership and her position on the state Interagency Council on Homelessness, Camden has the opportunity to end chronic homelessness in three years, and become a leader in modern housing policy.”

She points to the success that Camden to make the same choices around policies to end homelessness that it has made regarding public safety and schools.

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