Action Needed: Sign Sandy Action Plan Letter

Deadline to Sign March 4th 5 PM

Action Needed: Sign Sandy Action Plan LetterThe State has submitted it’s Action Plan for the second tranche of CDBR-DR funding.

The Housing and Community Development Network (HCDNNJ), Fair Share Housing Center and Monarch Housing among others, will submit this letter outlining a series of recommendations to DCA Commissioner Richard Constable as part of the public comment process.

If you would like to sign on, please let us know by Tuesday, March 4 at 5pm.

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The letter seeks “to modify and enhance the draft Amendment, prior to submission to HUD, to build upon the positive aspects of the plan, and address several significant concerns with the Plan in the following areas:“

  1. Fair allocation of resources between renters and owners,
  2. Publicly address extant program implementation and contractor termination questions,
  3. Ensure a fair, needs related distribution of funds among counties and towns,
  4. Create, and distribute funds pursuant to, a comprehensive needs assessment rather than in reaction to subscription to first round programs,
  5. Ensure transparency and public participation,
  6. Address barriers to fair housing;
  7. Incentivize the hiring of local residents and contractors.
  8. Provide a comprehensive and clearly defined risk analysis;
  9. Provide a clear mandate to mitigate present and future risks;
  10. dedicate sufficient funding for local and coordinated planning;
  11. Greater benefit to low- and moderate-income people; and
  12. Several program specific suggestions.

Click here to make sure your endorsement is included in the final submitted letter. The public comment period expires March 5, therefore, the deadline to endorse this letter is Tuesday, March 4 at 5pm.

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If you have any questions, please contact Arnold Cohen.