Prioritizing Homeless Youth for Supportive Housing

A New Tool from CSH

Prioritizing Homeless Youth for Supportive HousingThanks to the generous support of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and the W.M. Keck FoundationCSH is pleased to release the report The TAY Triage Tool: A Tool to Identify Homeless Transition Age Youth Most in Need of Permanent Supportive Housing.

Supportive housing for transition aged youth (TAY) is an important intervention, helping to break a cycle of homelessness and giving the most vulnerable youth access to the services they need.

One of the great benefits of the TAY Triage Tool is its ability to quickly and easily identify the most vulnerable youth. With only six relatively non-invasive items, the tool identifies youth who are vulnerable to many problems, suffer from a great many issues and for whom supportive housing is the solution.

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