No One Should Be Homeless in NJ!

Monarch’s Taiisa Kelly Explains
How and Why to End Homelessness on NJTV

Taiisa KellyOn March 19, 2014, Taiisa Kelly was interviewed by NJTV News with Mike Schneider and explained why and how we must end homelessness in NJ.

The Ending Homelessness Team (EHT), which Ms. Kelly leads, carries out the homeless planning efforts of Monarch Housing Associates. The mission of the EHT is to work to end homelessness in New Jersey through sound planning and the creation of housing opportunities for all.

To this end, EHT works with seventeen (17) of the twenty-one (21) counties on homeless planning efforts. EHT activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop Effective Ten-Year Plans That Reflect the Needs of the Community
  • The HEARTH Act
  • Continuum of Care Program Application
  • HMIS Utilization and Regulations

Ending Homelessness Team
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