Homelessness Council Draws Testifiers Statewide

Sixty Advocates and Policymakers Share
Recommendations and Proven Strategies

Homelessness Council Draws Testifiers StatewideOn March 25, 2014, the New Jersey State Interagency Council on Homelessness held a hearing that gave advocates and policymakers the opportunity to give recommendations for the State’s Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness.

About 60 individuals attended the hearing, which was held at the NJ State Museum Auditorium in Trenton.

They addressed Council members including the State Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Richard Constable and Department of Human Services Commissioner Jennifer Velez.

Many of the speakers referenced proven strategies for preventing and ending homelessness in their recommendations including:

  • Housing First,
  • Rapid Re-Housing,
  • Centralized/Coordinated Assessment Systems, and
  • Public Housing Authorities Prioritizing Homeless Households.

Three members of Monarch Housing’s staff, Jay Everett, Kate Kelly and Taiisa Kelly, testified highlighting the strategies above. The other speakers represented Continua of Care, housing and service providers and other advocates.

We have posted some of the testimony and will add more to the list as we have them. If you testified and would like to have it added to the list please send us an email.

  1. Click here for the strategies.
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  5. Click here for Arnold Cohen’s testimony.
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