Almost 100 NJ Organizations Support HUD Funding

Over 3,000 from Across Country Seek
Increased THUD Allocation in FY 2015

Almost 100 NJ Organizations Support HUD FundingThis week, advocates in Washington, DC delivered a letter urging Congressional leaders to allocate the highest possible levels of funding to programs that ensure a safe and stable home for all Americans.

The Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies (THUD) 302(b) letter was signed by almost 100 New Jersey organizations that added their names to the 3,267 organizations and state and local officials from across the country.

Monarch Housing Associates was proud to be one of the first 96 organizations from New Jersey who signed the letter.

The letter urges the House and Senate Appropriations Chairs to increase the 302(b) THUD allocation to the highest level possible in FY 2015. Since FY 2010, the combination of budget cuts and sequestration have reduced the THUD allocations by over 25%.

The devastating and wasteful impact of these cuts appear in countless metrics, from $101 billion in wasted fuel and lost productivity resulting from traffic congestion on 42% of America’s major highways, to stalled transportation projects that have left 45% of American households without access to public transit; from 70,000 low-income families losing rental assistance opportunities since 2012, to risking recent progress in reducing chronic homelessness by reducing overall support for the production and preservation of affordable housing.

The THUD allocation uniquely promotes the well-being of our home communities by providing essential seed capital and program funding that enables public and private partners to build critical transportation infrastructure, spur economic development in communities, and help more than 5 million seniors, people with disabilities, and other families to afford stable housing. Through these investments, Congress supports small-business job creation, expands our nation’s infrastructure capacity, supports economic recovery and growth, reduces homelessness and housing hardships, and promotes lasting community and family economic success.

This letter demonstrates grassroots support for opportunity for all Americans. Please express your gratitude to those who signed this letter. If you did not sign, please join with us and advocate for adequate and appropriate federal funding for housing for all.

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