Congresswoman Spends Night Homeless

Challenges Other Members of Congress
To Spend a Night With the Homeless

Congresswoman Speier Spends Night Homeless

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) speaks with a woman at a homeless shelter the two slept at Friday night.

U.S. Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) is challenging her colleagues in Congress to spend a night homeless.

In February, Rep. Speier spent the night in a Redwood City, California shelter and is now getting other members of Congress to do the same.

The homeless individuals that she met on that evening clearly had an impact on her. She spoke with a couple who works full time but still is unable to afford an apartment. And that couple is not alone. High rental prices and the lack of affordable housing make that story a familiar one.

“To more effectively tackle the issue of homelessness, Congress first needs to gain a better understanding of whom is impacted by homelessness, the specific challenges the homeless face, and what policy decisions we can make to change the equation,”

Speier wrote.

According to Speier’s office, the challenge is gathering interest. This provides an opportunity for New Jersey advocates reach out our Representatives and encourage them to join the challenge. Imagine if all of the members of the NJ Congressional Delegation spent a night with the homeless.

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