Picking up the Pieces of the Sequester

Local Advocacy Efforts to Encourage
PHAs to Start Spending in 2014

National Housing Law Project On Tuesday, April 22, 2014, the National Housing Law Project will host a webinar, “Picking up the Pieces of the Sequester” at 2:00 p.m.

The webinar will provide an overview of FY 2014 funding for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program and arm advocates with the tools they need to promote improved PHA policies in a post-sequester landscape.

Specifically, the webinar will:

  • Discuss FY 2014 funding levels for the HCV program, including voucher restoration levels, and update participants on NHLP, CBPP, and other national policy groups’ initiative to restore in FY 2015 all of the vouchers lost as a result of the sequester.
  • Describe strategies to convince local PHAs to spend now and reverse harmful policy decisions aimed to cut spending due to sequestration, including revising local subsidy standards and reducing payment standards.
  • Train advocates on how to effectively engage local PHAs and HUD on these critical issues.

Panelist will include:

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