Larger PHAs More Likely to Serve Homeless

119 PHAs Administer Almost Half of Vouchers

Larger PHAs More Likely to Serve Homeless An analysis of 4,000 Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) around the country by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has found that, while 24% of all PHAs were attempting to serve people experiencing homelessness, the larger PHAs were more likely to make such efforts.

According to the report, “Study of PHAs’ Efforts to Serve People Experiencing Homelessness,” just 119 of these larger PHAs administer almost half (49%) of the national inventory of vouchers and public housing. PHAs in metropolitan areas are more likely to make efforts to serve people experiencing homelessness, and the PHAs in areas with large homeless populations are more likely to engage in targeted efforts to serve homeless households.

This study is meant to provide a status report on efforts by PHAs to serve homeless households with mainstream housing assistance resources.

Monarch previously posted about this study with the article, “Bergen Housing Authority Works to End Homelessness” in which it highlights that the report recognized the Bergen County Housing Authority for removing barriers for Housing First.

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