Cost Pressures Driving Innovation in Medical Field

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High Cost Users Innovation

Cost Pressures Driving Innovation in Medical Field

From left: Steven Peskin, David Knowlton, Karen Licitra, Richard Bagger, Ruth Perry, and Anthony Slonim

An April 2, 2014 NJ Spotlight article, “Healthcare Experts See Cost Pressures Driving Innovations in Medical Field” highlights that:

“As the pressure to control healthcare costs increases, the way treatments and therapies are paid for is undergoing steady change. But while these financial constraints might be expected to be a problem for those looking to develop new medications and medical procedures, the opposite could actually be true.”
“This attitude is shared by some New Jersey hospital, insurance, and pharmaceutical executives, as well as public health advocates. They believe that one of the keys to controlling costs is by ensuring that patients at risk of chronic conditions have access to primary care. Similarly, improving care coordination should also keep costs in check.”

Public health advocates working with the homeless, including Dr. Jefferey Brenner and Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers are working to improve healthcare delivery in Camden. This includes improving patient care and reducing costs.

Through his innovative “hot spotting” work in Camden, Brenner has found highest cost users of health care services in the city of Camden were living in HUD-assisted housing or experiencing significant housing challenges and homelessness.

Moving the chronically homeless into permanent supportive housing with support services that include medical care would has multiple benefits. It saves money, improves their access to primary care and reduces expensive visits to emergency departments.

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