Lobby Day 2014 a Success!

NJ Advocates Bring Housing Policy Priorities to DC

Lobby Day 2014 a Success!

(L to R) Vito Gallo, Sister Maureen D’Auria, Congressman Leonard Lance, Lorraine Wearley, Bob Parker and Richard W. Brown

On Wednesday, April 30, 2014, thirteen advocates traveled to Washington to meet with our elected representatives to secure funding for Housing Policy Priorities for New Jersey.

The event was organized by the Housing and Community Development Network (the Network) and Monarch Housing Associates and coincided with the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s (NLIHC) annual Lobby Day.

Arnold Cohen, Policy Coordinator for the Network said,

“Once again, New Jersey advocates made today a great lobby day! This year we visited both Senators and ten of our eleven Congressmen!”


(L to R) Back – Richard W. Brown, Bob Parker, Steve Clayton, Stephanie Curran. Deb Ellis, Jackie Edwards, Arnold Cohen. Front row – Lorraine Wearley, Vito Gallo, Staci Berger, Laura Rodgers, Joyce Campbell. Sister Maureen D’Auria.

Mr. Cohen encouraged the participants and the other concerned parties to continue to advocate with New Jersey’s Congressional delegation for Housing Policy Priorities for New Jersey and to plan to join Lobby Day next year.

The group advocated for five key priorities affecting housing in New Jersey:

  • Make Affordable Housing and Ending Homelessness a Priority in the Federal Budget,
  • Restore Housing Choice (Formerly Section 8) Vouchers,
  • Ensure Funding for the National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF),
  • Advocate for Restoration of HOME and CCBG Funding to FY 2014 Levels, and
  • Fund Disaster Housing

Talking Points for Lobby Day 2014

Congressional Housing Staffers

The group met with the following offices:

In addition, the group met with Governor Chris Christie’s Washington staff.