Camden Tent City Razed

Residents Evicted Amid Concerns
Over Lack of Shelter Space

Camden Tent City Razed

Michael Powell said he hopes his eviction from a tent city in Camden is “the push I needed to get off my ass and do right.”

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014, Camden County and State of New Jersey officials evicted homeless residents of a makeshift tent city due to health and safety concerns.

Some “residents” of the tent city had lived there for twelve years and watched as officials worked through the tents with drug sniffing dogs and bulldozers.

With shelters in the City of Camden full, evicted residents expressed frustration.

‘There is no place for us to go’, said one of the residents to a CNN camera crew, continuing to wonder what to do,’ quoting from a Daily Sheeple article.

And from a CNNMoney article,

“Aaron Howe, the ‘mayor’ of a tent city that had 12 tents the night before eviction day, said he had called every shelter in town and not a single place had room for him and his girlfriend.”

‘There’s no available spots, and the city is saying if we pitch a tent somewhere else they’re gonna rip it down. It’s not gonna look good when there’s a bunch of homeless on the streets.’”

Said Mr. Howe:

“Amid the commotion on Tuesday, Gino Lewis, director of housing at the Camden County Improvement Authority, assured people that the county would work to find housing and services.”

According to CNNMOney.

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