Fund VA Homeless Programs at $1.6 Billion

Let Booker and Menendez Know Funding Level is Critical

Senator MenendezThe Senate is moving forward with its appropriations work. Since the House did not include a funding increase for VA homeless assistance programs in its FY 2015 funding legislation, it is imperative that the Senate include an increase.

There is a critical need for increased funding for VA homeless assistance programs, particularly Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF), in FY 2015!

  1. Contact Senators Booker and Menendez’s offices and speak to or email the person who handles veterans issues: Senator Cory Booker’s office – Matt Thomson, veterans staffer or call 202-224-3224 and Senator Robert Menendez’s office – Justin Field, veterans staffer or call 202-224-3224.
  2. Ask them to urge their boss to support funding for VA homeless assistance programs at $1.6 billion in FY 2015 – including $500 million for SSVF programs.
  3. Click here for talking points to help you make your case.
  4. Let us know who you contacted and what they said!

As background, the House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing on veteran homelessness that was supposed to take place this week was postponed at the last minute until some point later this summer.

Securing $1.6 billion for VA homeless programs will be absolutely key to efforts to end veteran homelessness by the goal date of 2015. The House failed to provide this increase, so it is critical that the Senate does so in its draft legislation coming out TODAY.

There has been such tremendous progress on ending veteran homelessness. We must ensure that it continues and that we have the necessary resources to meet our goal.

Please let Kate Kelly know how your calls and emails go.