Communities Prove Ending Homelessness is Possible

Houston, Phoenix
Growing List of Other Communities

Mayor Annise D. ParkerThe U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness met recently to take action on Federal efforts to support and advance progress on ending homelessness in local communities.

“One of the areas where I really want to make sure we’re stepping up is to deepen our partnership with mayors around the country. We have seen that where mayors and local government are engaged we’re making remarkable progress,” said HUD Secretary and USICH Council Chair Shaun Donovan.

Community leaders from Houston and Phoenix were invited to discuss the impacts that Federal partnerships have had on local efforts to end homelessness. Houston and Phoenix represent two of the growing number of communities around the country that are making significant progress toward reaching the goals of Opening Doors. These communities are demonstrating that solving homelessness is possible and within reach.

“We are really showing, through the course of our work, that homelessness is not an intractable problem. It’s actually a problem we’re solving.”

Mayor Greg StantonSaid USICH Executive Director Laura Zeilinger.

Mandy Chapman Semple, Special Assistant for Homeless Initiatives to Mayor Annise Parker of Houston, told the Council that Houston is expecting to end homelessness among Veterans in 2014, one year ahead of the national goal.

Amy Schwabenlender, Vice President of Community Impact at Valley of the Sun United Way in Phoenix/Maricopa County, Arizona shared similarly impressive results with the Council.

Phoenix, where Mayor Greg Stanton recently announced an end to chronic homelessness among Veterans, is on track to end homelessness among all Veterans in 2015.

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