State of Homelessness 2014

New Jersey Homelessness Decreases by 8%

State of HomelessnessOn May 28, 2014, the National Alliance to End Homelessness (the Alliance) released its “State of Homelessness 2014.”

Some key findings of the report on New Jersey’s homeless population between 2012-2013 include:

  • 7.8% decrease in overall homelessness;
  • 12.3% decrease in unsheltered homeless; and
  • 7.9% decrease in family homelessness.

Nationally, the number of people who are at risk of homelessness has failed to decline during the recovery from the Great Recession. This is the case even though the rate of homelessness fell from 20 to 19 homeless persons per 10,000 people, and unemployment decreased in nearly every state.

The growth of populations at risk of homelessness stopped increasing at paces seen in recent years, but about 6.6 million people were paying most of their income on housing and 7.5 million were living with family and friends.

On a given night, there are about 184,000 more homeless persons than beds available to assist them.

“Even though the economy is still tough for the poorest Americans, homelessness has gone down,”

“That’s testament to smart investments in proven, housing-centered solutions, by the nation, states, and localities. If we build on that momentum we can accomplish something truly remarkable; but if the investment stops, homelessness will get worse quickly.”

Said Steve Berg, the Alliance’s Vice President for Programs and Policy.

The report is the fourth in the series of annual reports examining national and state trends in homelessness.

State of Homelessness 2014” covers trends in homelessness between 2012 and 2013, at-risk populations between 2011 and 2012, and the number of beds available for people experiencing homelessness in 2012 and 2013.

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