Funding Cuts Would Halt Progress in Ending Homelessness in NJ

NJ’s Congressional Delegation
Should Lead Effort to Increase Funding

Funding Cuts Would Halt Progress in Ending Homelessness in NJThis morning’s Trenton Times, June 4, 2014, features an OpEd, “Funding Cuts Would Halt Progress in Helping NJ Homeless,” by Monarch Housing Associates’ Richard W. Brown and Taiisa Kelly.

The piece highlights the success stories of two formerly homeless individuals, John and Vonn.

John now lives independently in a supportive housing apartment and Vonn and his family are renting their own apartment. Their success is due in large part to the federal investment that has been made to date in ending homelessness.

“Since 2005, the number of chronically homeless people across the country has been cut in half. The decrease in homelessness can be attributed to bipartisan efforts to invest in permanent supportive housing.”

Making the case for continued federal funding to end homelessness,

“Supportive housing improves tenants’ lives by combining affordable housing with comprehensive, voluntary services. Services help residents address mental health issues, substance use and barriers to employment. Not only are these programs game changers when it comes to individuals’ success, but also a cost-effective use of taxpayer dollars: An annual rental subsidy costs much less than emergency service interventions.”

In response to the threatened cuts to both the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Health and Human Services (HHS) budgets, Brown and Kelly call for New Jersey’s Congressional delegation to “Lead the effort for increased funding for these critical programs so that supportive housing in the state and across the country can continue to be a cost-effective solution to housing the most vulnerable populations.”

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