Congress Must Provide More McKinney Funding in 2015

$2.405 Billion Funding Level
Needed to End Chronic Homelessness

Congress Must Provide More McKinney Funding in 2015On June 3, 2014 the Senate Transportation and Housing and Urban Development (T- HUD) funding Subcommittee released and voted on its FY 2015 legislation. The Subcommittee’s proposed legislation includes only a $45 million increase for HUD’s McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grants.

Though it is difficult to predict so far in advance, it is anticipated that this funding level of $2.15 billion will be enough to cover renewals from FY 2014; however, it is still $255 million below the amount requested by the President.

This funding level would very likely not provide enough funding to make any expansion to ESG programs, and would not provide any additional funding for new projects.

  • Call your Senators and Representatives today and ask to speak to the person who handles appropriations or housing issues. Click here for a contact list of the housing staffers for New Jersey’s delegation.
  • Tell the housing staffer their boss MUST provide more funding for McKinney in FY 2015! We must continue making progress on chronic homelessness and need $2.405 billion in order to meet our goal of ending chronic homelessness by 2016.
  • You can use talking points and the success stories from Monarch Housing’s recent OpEd piece in the Times of Trenton, “Funding Cuts Would Halt Progress in Ending Homelessness in NJ.”
  • Let Kate Kelly know whom you called and what they said.

Fortunately, the process is far from complete and there are further opportunities to encourage Members to provide additional funding for McKinney programs in FY 2015.

There will be activity on this legislation in the House and Senate in the coming days; however, the opportunity for increased funding will likely come toward the end of the funding process. Therefore, it is extremely important to begin and maintain a drumbeat that reminds Members of Congress that this is the year!

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