Booker and Menendez Should Push for Voucher Funding

Less Funding Could Erase Progress
Towards Ending Homelessness

Booker and Menendez Should Push for Voucher FundingThe House spending bill would do drastic harm to the Housing Choice Voucher program. Under the available money for voucher renewals, much of the progress made in the past year with restoring approximately half of the vouchers could be erased.

Additionally, cutting administrative spending would inhibit many essential functions that Public Housing Authorities perform.

Please email Senators Menendez and Booker today and ask them to speak out forcefully against the House spending bill and in favor of the Senate bill.

Congressional Housing Staffers

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Our neighbors in New Jersey are in need and it is essential that the Housing Choice Voucher program be maintained and expanded to provide them with the critical safety net of affordable housing as the struggling economy slowly recovers.

The House bill includes $19.3 billion for Housing Choice Vouchers while the Senate bill includes $19.6 billion. The President’s requested funding level is $20.04 billion.

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