Our Neighbors Should Not Be Without Homes

Everybody, Everywhere Should Have
Affordable and Supportive Housing

Our Neighbors Should Not Be Without HomesWeekly papers across the state have been covering the results of the NJ Counts 2014 point in time count of the homeless.

Hudson Reporter – The loss of income plays a large part in the results of the count in Hudson County. Hudson County Freeholder Chairman Jose Munoz, who heads the Freeholder Homelessness Task Force, said the “County’s ability to help the homeless is limited. ‘We need more low income housing,’ he said. ‘But homelessness will be a problem as long as unemployment remains high.’”

Suburban – Serving Oldbridge, Sayerville, and South Amboy quoted Richard Brown, “I think a big part of what this is about is knowing that we can’t end homelessness until we have an idea of who is homeless and what their conditions are” and Monarch’s Jay Everett, “Everybody in this state — and, really, everywhere — should have access to affordable housing of their own.”

Greater Media News – Publishes weeklies in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties and video coverage quoted Monarch’s Richard Brown, “We need to keep looking for solutions to homelessness so that we don’t have neighbors out there without homes.”

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