Sandy Settlement Agreement Webinar

July 17, 2 PM Webinar by
Fair Share Housing Center

Sandy Settlement Agreement WebinarOn July 17, 2014, Fair Share Housing Center will host a webinar at 2:00 p.m. The webinar will inform all provider agencies of the recent settlement agreement between the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), NAACP, Latino Action Network, and Fair Share Housing Center.

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The agreement makes more funds available to assist with the recovery from Hurricane Sandy. This webinar will provide important up to date information.

Among a long list of provisions, the State of New Jersey agreed to:

  • Provide $215 million of CDBG-DR in addition to the $379 million previously allocated to replace and develop multifamily housing in the nine counties most impacted by Sandy, giving priority to three counties with the most damage. At least 60% of the units must serve families with children.
  • Establish a $15 million pool to help renters displaced by Sandy while they wait for replacement homes to be built.
  • Reconsider rejected applications for a program that provides up to $150,000 to homeowners to restore Sandy-damaged homes. Nearly 80% of the rejected applications were incorrectly rejected.
  • Provide a comprehensive approach to serving people with Limited English Proficiency who would benefit from the state’s HUD-funded recovery activities, including providing interpreters at housing recovery centers, language phone lines, and translation of key documents.
  • Provide enhanced outreach to lower income communities that have been underserved.
  • Provide an additional $10 million to help people with special needs impacted by Sandy.
  • Provide $10 million to help people in manufactured homes rebuild or replace their homes.

To sign up, please click here to RSVP for the webinar.