Now is the Time to Let Congress Know
We Need Homes for the Homeless

Homes for the HomelessOnce gain this year, Monarch Housing Associates and CSH will lead NJ advocates as state co-captains for NJ Capitol Hill Day 2013, which will be held on Thursday, July 31st at the end of NAEH’s National Conference on Ending Homelessness.

This Thursday, twenty-four (24) people will be on the Hill meeting with all eleven (11) members of our House delegation and both US Senators.

But even if you cannot attend NJ Hill Day, this is the summer to take action to ensure that we have adequate resources to end homelessness.

Congress adjourns on July 31st and does not return until September 8th and will only be in session for twelve (12) days before mid-November.

Now more than ever our members of Congress need to hear from us that with depressed wages, stagnant unemployment, unrelenting housing cost burden, and the lagging pace of the economic recovery, this is not the time to be making dramatic cuts in federal spending that directly impacts the lives of the most vulnerable. We need to visit, call, fax and email our members of Congress to make sure that they hear from all of us that the budget cuts approved by the House are unacceptable.

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Among the key policy issues are:

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We know how to end homelessness – we need to create more homes for the homeless! We strongly encourage you to contact New Jersey’s Representative and Senators when they are home this summer and let them know that budget cuts are unacceptable and that when we fail to implement successful and long-term solutions to homelessness, we pay the price – with our limited public funds and with the lives of men, women, families, youth, and veterans who sleep on the street.

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