Rangel Introduces Renters Tax Credit Legislation

Urge Pascrell and NJ House
Delegation to Co-Sponsor

Charles B. Rangel 113th CongressRep. Charles Rangel has introduced HR 4479 the Renters Tax Credit Act of 2014 and his office is seeking co-sponsors. This proposed legislation is based on the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) renters’ credit proposal. The legislation would establish a new federal tax credit to help low-income renters afford housing. A renters’ credit along these lines would be a valuable tool to address low-income families’ mounting housing needs.

If you are a constituent of Congressman Bill Pascrell, please reach out to his housing staffer Arthur Mandel and urge the Congressman to become a co-sponsor. Pascrell’s support is critical because he is on the House Ways and Means Committee and because of the interest he has shown in the past.

And for others who do not live in his district, it would also be very helpful to add on as many co-sponsors as possible, so please reach out to your Member’s housing staffer and encourage him to become a co-sponsor today.

Congressional Housing Staffers
Members interested in signing on as co-sponsors of HR 5082 can contact Reba Raffaelli in Congressman Rangel’s office.

Click here for more information in a recent CBPP blog post.

Additional renters’ credit materials are available here.