Booker on Ending Homelessness

Our Patriotic Duty to End Homelessness
Data is Critical

Senator Booker with NJ Participants at NAEH ConferenceOn July 30, 2014, our U.S. Senator Cory Booker gave a keynote at the National Alliance to End Homelessness annual conference. Booker spoke to an audience of over 1700 people including two tables of New Jersey constituents.

At the beginning of his remarks, Booker recognized those from New Jersey in the audience who are working to end homelessness.

Booker framed his argument for ending homelessness as our patriotic duty.

“Love of country means extending a hand to our brothers and sisters.”

Said Booker.

He also empathized the critical importance of data,

“In God we trust but, bring me data.”

He pointed to New Jersey’s recent NJ Counts documented 16% increase in homelessness and that homelessness is a growing problem that we need to solve.

“Homelessness is a greater drag on our economy than if we did something about it. Look at the data.”

“We have to be those hopeful warriors now. This nation has so much work to do before we achieve the truth of who we are.” But he concluded with a message of hope, “Our generation can indeed end homelessness.”

Said Booker.