Ending Veterans Homelessness
Funding Affordable Housing

Obama Includes HUD in '2014 Year of Action'The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is among the various agencies that appear in a progress report released earlier this month that provides a summary of the 40 major actions President Obama has taken so far this year.

The report touches on the Administration’s actions:

  • Commitment to end Ending veteran homelessness means reaching the point where there are no veterans sleeping on our streets and every veteran has access to permanent housing. Should veterans become homeless or be at-risk of becoming homeless, communities will have the capacity to quickly connect them to the help they need to achieve housing stability. When those things are accomplished, our nation will achieve its goal.
  • Treasury’s Federal Financing Bank (FFB) which will provide low-cost financing to state and local housing finance agencies for multifamily mortgages that are insured by HUD/FHA. This will increase the number of affordable units built and preserved and result in deeper savings for renters.

Click here to read the full report.

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