NJ Households Wait 26 Months for Subsidized Housing

Data Paints Picture of Households
At Risk of Homelessness

picture-banner-v1-r1The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has released the 2013 data for Picture of Subsidized Households, a comprehensive database on more than five million households living in HUD-subsidized housing.

Based on the new data, in New Jersey there were a total of 174,234 subsidized units available, with 93% of the units occupied. For all programs, the average household income per year is $15,450. Individuals and families were on a waiting list for an average of 26 months for participation in a program. This data helps paint the picture of households at risk of homelessness in New Jersey.

Picture of Subsidized Households allows users to analyze data by a number of variables, include but not excluded to, geography, program, average waitlist time, family composition, income level, and race/ethnicity.

Click here for a summary of the database at the NLIHC website.

Click here for the HUD data.