Homelessness is Hazardous to Your Health

Housing is the Best Medicine

Deborah De Santis and Leslie StivaleIn a recent post to The Huffington Post’s Impact Blog, Deb DeSantis, President and CEO of the CSH issues a “Warning: Homelessness is Hazardous to Your Health.”

DeSantis says the Surgeon General should issue this warning that those working to end chronic homelessness already know all to well is true.

DeSantis highlights CSH’s new “Housing is the Best Medicine: Supportive Housing and the Social Determinants of Health” report.

“Two decades of research on supportive housing and our practical experience have taught us that a comprehensive view of health care must include housing and other social factors. Increasingly, evidence tells us that for particularly vulnerable populations, lack of housing and instability more than determine health, they dictate health.”

Writes DeSantis.

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