Congress Harming the Homeless

Let Your Member of Congress Know
Increased HUD Funding Critical

Congressman Frank Pallone

(L to R) Katelyn Cunningham, Steve Clayton, Kate Kelly, Congressman Frank Pallone and Taiisa Kelly

On August 12, 2014, The Star-Ledger published a letter to the editor, “Congress harming the homeless” written by Steve Clayton, a housing advocate who lives in Ocean Township.

This letter is an excellent example of the advocacy role that homeless service and supportive housing profits can play while our members of Congress are home in the district during the August and upcoming recesses.

“Since 2005, longer-term U.S. homelessness has declined almost 50 percent, attributable in part to bipartisan efforts to invest in supportive housing. Inexplicably, federal programs that bolster supportive housing are now under attack, compromising the momentum.”

Writes Clayton.

Now is the time to let them know that increased funding for HUD McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance and Housing Choice Voucher programs is critical!

“The threat is the House’s proposed federal budget, which reduces money for Housing and Urban Development by $769 million. This would mean no new money for housing the chronically homeless, permanent loss of 40,000 housing vouchers and drastic cuts to rehabilitate affordable rental housing.

When Congress returns next month, it should approve a HUD budget that restores the vouchers and grows supportive housing.”

Need help writing and/or submitting a letter to your local or regional paper? Contact Kate Kelly at Monarch. The National Alliance to End Homelessness (the Alliance) has a toolkit featuring a section on Engaging the Media which includes a sample letter to the editor.

Click here for Clayton’s letter.

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