We Cannot Be A Kinder Blinder Nation

What Robin Williams Told
Congress About Homelessness

Robin WiliamsActor and Comedian Robin Williams untimely death gave many of us pause and led us to remember all of the wonderful moments when he made us laugh. But what many of us didn’t know about him was “What Robin Williams told the Senate about Homelessness.”

On August 12, 2014, The National Journal reported that:

“In a stunning moment of candor, Williams testified before the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee in 1990 in support of the Homelessness Prevention and Community Revitalization Act, which sought to direct funding to housing-based support centers for the chronically homeless and to boost mental-health services.

Said Williams, “ ‘putting a Band-Aid on a very gaping wound’ is not enough to stop homelessness.”

Williams spoke specifically about preventing homelessness.

“The problem cannot be denied anymore. We cannot be a kinder, blinder nation. We must look, and you have to see it, and it’s there…. I do believe this can work in an incredible way, from a grassroots level, that the money can get to that and prevent, truly prevent, homelessness. That’s where it lies. You can’t keep picking people up, you have to stop them from falling. That’s what I hope. Thank you.”

Let us all work to honor Williams by working to prevent and end homelessness and keeping our chronically homeless neighbors who may struggle with substance abuse and mental illness “from falling.”

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