Responding to the Crisis of Homelessness

Retooling the Homeless Crisis Response System

Responding to the Crisis of HomelessnessIn a recent blog post and 90 second video, the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness Executive Director, Laura Green Zeilinger talks about what it means to end homelessness and how we can retool community systems to better respond to the crisis of homelessness.

“At an individual level, the turmoil that comes from not having a safe place that is home is a crisis. It is a crisis that without adequate resolution gets worse. Although there are programs that provide housing and services for people, we will never have an adequate response at the pace and scale needed as long as it depends on people in crisis being required to navigate multiple programs in an attempt to get their needs met.”

Writes Zeilinger.

And she makes the case for a system that effectively responds to homelessness:

“With true coordination and collaboration, homeless providers and mainstream systems can work together to create a seamless response that does not expect people to navigate multiple programs in an effort to get their needs met. Instead, communities can create a system that:

  • Is easily accessible and known throughout the community
  • Is equipped to reach out to people as necessary
  • Assesses the needs of all members of a household
  • Provides service and support options based on what people want and need
  • Connects people with shelter or housing and service supports without barriers to entry

Click here for Zellinger’s blog post.