TechSoup Highlights The Alliance Center for Independence

Edison Nonprofit’s Client Video
Past Audience Choice Winner

TechSoup Highlights The Alliance Center for IndependenceTechSoup has announced its annual Storymakers contest. In promoting this year’s contest, TechSoup highlighted previous winners including The Alliance Center for Independence.

TechSoup has been running international video and photo competitions for some years now. This year, it has renamed the contest Storymakers and it began on August 26, 2014.

Any charity anywhere in the world can send TechSoup a short video or five-picture Flickr slideshow that tells the story of their work. Entries will be eligible for cash prizes.

TechSoup has asked past winners to tell how they have been using their videos and how important storytelling is to their organization.

The audience choice award for 2012 went to Alliance Center for Independence (ACI) in Edison, New Jersey. Their mission is to support and promote independent living for people with disabilities. Their clever one-minute video of clients with handmade signs gets their point across without any narration.

“We have used the video as part of our outreach. It has been on our social media sites and website and we have attached the video to some of the grants we applied for. Sometimes a video is worth a thousand words. We appreciated the opportunity to work with TechSoup and tell our story.”

On the ongoing impact of the video, Executive Director Carole Tonks said.

“ACI has been using video content as way to showcase a side of the diverse disability community that most people don’t see enough of. Through effective story telling, we can show everyone that people with disabilities are people first and that their disabilities don’t hold them back from living their life the way they want to.”

ACI Communications Coordinator Brian Mazzarella added.

The 2013 Digital Storytelling Challenge received many, many entries from 12 different countries. The contest got nearly 2,000 mentions of the challenge on Facebook and Twitter in 25 countries.

Click here for more information about the Storymakers contest.