Back to School But Some Struggle

A New Year, But Some Struggle

Staci BergerIn her September 18, 2014 blog post, “Back to School: A New Year, But Some Struggle,” Staci Berger, the CEO of the Housing and Community Development Network of NJ (HCDNNJ) calls on New Jersey’s elected officials in Congress to fund the National Housing Trust Fund.

While all families headed back to school, face an added expense, writes Berger.

“There are too many families who can’t afford send their children to school with new clothes or supplies, and even more disturbing, there are more kids than ever who have no place to call home.”

The recent Kids Count report found that:

  • 4,495 New Jersey students are homeless,
  • The rate of extremely poor families rose 32% from 2008-2012, and
  • There are 646,000 children growing up in households that earned around $38,000 for a family of three.

“These families simply do not have enough to pay housing costs, buy food, pay for child care and provide other necessities for their children. For them, going back to school means their children will receive at least two meals a day and have a warm and safe place to go to during the week. Back to school means that these children will have the opportunity to thrive, learn, and grow.”

Writes Berger.

And she goes on to urge the funding of the National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF):

“We can do better. This year, our elected officials should follow the same advice we give our kids when they head into a new grade – to be brave and to learn. They can work on tax reform that could fund the NHTF and create tens of thousands of homes across America.”

Click here for Staci’s full blog post.

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