The Solution to Chronic Homelessness is a Home

A Place to Call Home Through Housing First

The Solution to Chronic Homelessness is a HomeOn October 9, 2014, the New York Times Opinion page Editor Lawrence Downes wrote, “The Solution to Chronic Homelessness? Try Homes.”

He used the newly opened 102-unit supportive-housing complex in the Skid Row section of Los Angeles as an example of how Housing First can work to end homelessness.

“The complex, called Star Apartments, is beautiful in an artsy-architectural way – its crazily stacked pre-fab units are not what we are used to seeing when the government tackles poverty. But you could also call it beautiful for what it is trying to do.”

Downes writes.

“The solution to chronic homelessness is homes, which sounds stupidly obvious but isn’t.” Housing First is becoming a policy solution to homelessness as it proves again and again to be more effective, compassionate and cost saving. Its success is based on the premise that “… Some people cannot be punished into self-sufficiency. For them, the cycle of chronic homelessness – shuttling between jail, emergency room, hospital, shelter and street — can be all but impossible to break.”

Downes writes.

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