LGBT Youth Homelessness

Not An Us/Them Issue

LGBT Youth HomelessnessJama Shelton, Director of the True Colors Foundation Forty to None Project, writes “LGBT Youth Homelessness is Not an Us/Them Issue” in an October 16, 2014 Huffington Post blog post.

Shelton points out how little is being done to both prevent and intervene in ending Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) youth homelessness.

“So we’re not just talking about putting more beds in homeless shelters, but also preventing our young people from needing those beds to begin with.” She also encourages her colleagues in the field who also faced rejection and being kicked out of their homes when they came out to their families to talk about their experiences with homeless LGBT youth.

With 40% of the homeless youth population identifying as LGBT (vs. 7% of the general youth population identifying as LGBT), LGBT youth homelessness is truly a crisis that must be addressed. Says Shelton; It takes all of us working together. Collaborating. Innovating. Together we are changing the conversation, we are building a movement and we will end LGBT youth homelessness.”

Writes Shelton.

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