United for Homes in NJ Webinar

Join Nov 5 Webinar to Help Structure Our
Statewide Campaign for Support

United for Homes in NJ WebinarOn Wednesday, November 5, 2014, the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey (the Network) is hosting a webinar on NJ’s United for Homes Campaign.

United for Homes is a national campaign to build support to fund the National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF.)

The Network and Monarch Housing have proudly joined this Campaign to secure a new major source of funding to address the affordable housing needs of people in New Jersey and throughout the nation with very low incomes. They are among 95 organizations across New Jersey that have also endorsed this critical campaign.

The webinar will:

  • Offer information on the mortgage interest deduction and
  • Discuss how we can structure our United for Homes campaign In New Jersey.

The NHTF is a permanent program that will have a dedicated funding source not subject to the annual appropriations process.

Our goals for New Jersey include adding to the seven elected officials who have endorsed the campaign and to secure Congressional sponsors to HR 1213, a bill to fund the NHTF.

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